Monday, 16 May 2011

If the French press had done its job...

The IMF’s randy French chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn wore his reputation as a skirt-chaser or chaud lapin (hot rabbit) proudly. In France straying beyond the marital bedroom is no bar to high political office.
In London MPs, if they value their careers, have to ditch or marry their mistresses when caught with their trousers down.
But in Paris as in London - and New York, attempted rape is attempted rape. It is being said just the allegation that DSK sexually assaulted a hotel chambermaid in the Big Apple on Saturday has put paid to his ambition to stand against Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential elections next year.
There must be a presumption of innocence for the charges DSK faces in the US unless it can be shown otherwise. His supporters insist that Strauss-Kahn has fallen prey to a plot – if so it must be of mammoth proportions.
What is clear is the man’s weakness for women – and he has form. One woman described his approach as that of a “rutting chimpanzee” suggesting less the seducer and more the misogynist in his technique
This former French finance minister, a champagne socialist, may have walked on water at the International Monetary Fund but he would have sunk without trace if he had conducted himself the same way in London.
An acquiescent French press frowned on the few occasions when questions were publicly asked about DSK’s conduct. So they are complicit if Strauss-Kahn came to believe in his own invulnerability to censure.
In Britain the Press is schooled in scenting double standards among its politicians because it outrages readers – and is therefore good for circulation. The MPs expenses scandal is still a hot topic and, as a consequence politicians are held in low esteem.
In the interests of democracy this might not be such a bad standpoint compared to the Gallic shrug that politicians' indiscretions meet the other side of the Channel.

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  1. An interesting piece GC, as is the link [in blue colour], which you refer to [within your article] entitled 'form'. That particular article itself quotes other related links which also make interesting reading.

    Some of the discussion in the international media, concentrates on different attitudes to seduction and marital fidelity in different cultures.

    Nevertheless, doubters minds will certainly be concentrated, if Strauss-Kahn is found guilty of a sex crime. [Jaffa]


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