Friday, 20 May 2011

Not The End of The World

If Harold Camping, the 89-year-old guiding light of the evangelical Christian movement is right, I’m never going to find out if I got lucky in the lottery for 2012 Olympic tickets. The world is going to end some time tomorrow.
It won’t, of course. As happened once before, Camping will say his calculations based on Bible study require a little more fine tuning.
Tomorrow’s prediction centres on his conclusion that it is 7,000 years to the day since Noah’s Flood. Apparently the Bible says this is the trigger for The Rapture or Judgement Day when the faithful rise to Heaven and the rest of us suffer earthquakes and other horrors until the destruction of the world on October 21st. By which time it won’t matter about the tickets for the Games.
Although I’m an atheist I respect others’ beliefs – and envy the comfort that the certainty religious faith brings them.
But even so I would be hard put to follow the teachings of a man such as Camping who dates the Creation at 11,013 BC and sees in the foundation of the State of Israel and the growth of Gay Pride ‘proof’ of the Bible’s prophecy that the end of the world is nigh.
But I think when I speak to my children on the phone tonight, I’ll remember to tell them I love them. Just in case.


  1. Quite right GC. Don't take any chances. [Jaffa].

  2. So when is the next 'end of the world' prediction?

  3. October 21st you say; and reiterated by Harold Camping in yesterday's/today's news. Well, we've had the earthquakes etc . . . .
    What do the bookies say?

  4. The 21st century might just be the 'make or break' century for planet Earth.


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