Friday, 13 May 2011

Of Blogger, blogging, and bleached bones

Woe, woe, and thrice woe, Blogger – the blog publishing service owned by Google – that brings Grapefruitcrazy to the world had a wobbly yesterday. It was a case of now you see it – now you don’t for Thursday’s post Slutwalking comes to London. It disappeared along with new comments.
In an apology to its army of users around the globe, Blogger has since told us: “You can publish again, and in the coming hours posts and comments that were temporarily removed should be restored.” Hopefully yesterday’s post will rate a re-appearance before too long.
But I’ve been left with the blogger’s version of cold turkey. Not quite as addictive as Twitter – I can go to the bathroom without making a public announcement – but this blog, since its launch nearly 18 months ago, has become an essential part of my weekday routine. Its absence was deeply felt.
I’m sure the mental exercise in daily blogging has been good for my over all health. There are no boundaries to my brief so every event; every thought even, needs to be examined as possible material.
As a consequence I have an opinion about everything. I’m not suggesting any gift of insight but for the first time in my life freed from the distraction of wage-slavery, I have time to think. It has come to the point that, indeed, I think therefore I am.
The reverse could be true. When I stop blogging would I cease to think and therefore exist?
I’m already at the stage that, when surfing the internet, to be sadden should I stumble over an abandoned blog. I feel like a wagon master in the Old West coming across the bleached bones of those that didn’t make it.
All this introspection is the fault of the Blogger boffins. The next time you have scheduled maintenance work make sure all the lights don’t go out. Please.


  1. "When i stop blogging would i cease to think and therefore exist"?
    That is a very valid question today Grapefruitcrazy!
    A friend of mine suggested to me a few years ago that "if it's not on the internet it does not exist"? And if i were to drop dead today people could refer to my blog for memories etc....?
    "When i stop blogging would i cease to exist"?
    Somehow i do not think so?
    You are not the body Grapefruitcrazy. The body is just tissue.
    Does history cease to exist?
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. cheers.

  2. And thank you too; your observations are very welcome. I'm sorry Blogger contrived to lose your previous contribution. GC

  3. A lot depends on whether you thought you existed, before you started blogging. As for me, I am in receipt of blogs; therefore I exist.


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