Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal Wedding afterthoughts - the view from London

The Royal Wedding was the cue for questions to be raised about the succession to the British throne after the Queen. Many Brits, including myself, would be quite happy to see a generation skipped with Prince Charles withdrawing in favour of William and Kate when the time comes.
Palace spin doctors are already whispering that tradition forbids such a possibility – and in any case this would not be the wish of son, William.
I wouldn’t put too high a store by the tradition argument. If, for example, the young couple’s first child is a girl the law will have to be amended to ensure she won’t rank below younger brothers in succession to the throne as is the case now. Public opinion in the 21st century will demand nothing less.
One of the joys of the Royal Wedding was that the whole Middleton family confounded the class-obsessed snipers, who had their sights trained on any slip-ups that might indicate a lack of breeding. These are the same people who labelled the bride’s mother Carole “doors to manual” in light of her former job of air stewardess.
And the critics were out in force. They surfaced to spot David Beckham originally wore his OBE award for services to football on the wrong lapel – the left one. He soon switched the medal to the right. The Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron’s decision to go hatless attracted unfavourable comment, while the Queen’s grand-daughters Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice wore extraordinary hats (true).
But that was about it.
Kate, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, conducted herself as if to the manner born. “Waity Katie” had been mocked for kicking her heels 10 years until Prince William made up his mind. Without a proper job in this time, I still think she doesn’t qualify yet as a role model but I will concede she loves her man – and is an invaluable addition to the Royal Family. In time the future of the British monarchy may come to rest on her slender shoulders.
Maid of honour, younger sister Pippa carried out her duties with nerves of steel under a billion eyes – with her shapely rear earning its own fan clubs.
Kate’s brother James appeared to enjoy the reading he gave during the marriage service, while his parents, Michael and Carole, looked at ease on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
The Middletons proved that to be a class act, your family tree doesn’t need centuries-old roots.
According to Press accounts the only one who acted the buffoon was William’s brother Harry at the Buck House night time party.


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