Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bridget Fonda, celebrity culture, and me

Whatever happened to film actress Bridget Fonda – and – more importantly – why should I care? There are family and friends who have fallen under the GC radar, who don’t warrant as much consideration as I give La Fonda.
I fear celebrity culture has me in its thrall, trapped in that little part of Hell where ordinary people read Hello and care why Cheryl Cole has been dumped from The X Factor. It could be constant exposure to showbiz trivia has finally worn away my ability to judge the important from the inconsequential.
I can’t explain my curiosity about why Fonda – Hollywood aristocracy with Peter as father, Henry grandfather, and Jane her aunt – hasn’t made a movie in nearly a decade.
As much as I would wish for you, I hope Fonda is happy and healthy and raising a family somewhere in the sun. But every time I catch her in a television re-run, I’m struck by the same thought as she steals scenes and sometimes whole movies. Her absence has been a loss to the cinema.
If it’s Single White Female, Jackie Brown, The Road to Wellville, or Lake Placid, Fonda is never less than a consummate actress whether the role calls on her dramatic, comedy, or action skills. Among today’s crop of actresses there are those equal in beauty but I can’t think of one who matches her range.
I saw Fonda first in Aria (1987), a strange collection of opera-themed shorts but it was her knockout performance as Mandy Rice-Davies in Scandal (the Profumo one) two years later that made me – and the rest of the world – aware there was a new Fonda in town. Her Swinging London dolly-bird complete with pitch perfect accent set the standard for American actresses playing Brits ever since.
So given Fonda is a one-off perhaps I needn’t worry that I’ll be getting my news fixes from the BBC rather than TMZ* any time soon.
*TMZ’s the gossip website censoring the Blake Lively ‘fake’ nude pix unlike Perez Hilton…whoops


  1. Yes, GC, I also liked her a lot as an actress, especially in "Scandal". Apparently, she is 47 now with a six year old son; so perhaps she is concentrating on her family.

  2. Henry, Jane, Peter and Bridget. The Fonda family has contributed so much to cinematic enjoyment. Plus Peter Fonda's film "Easy Rider", in which Bridget played her first role [untitled] as a young girl in a hippy commune.


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