Thursday, 9 June 2011

Contemplations on heel pain

My pleasure in long walks has had to be curtailed in the last few weeks because of an as yet undiagnosed pain in my left heel. I’ll find out from my doctor next week if the X-rays taken recently have revealed the cause and whether further tests are necessary. I don’t expect whatever treatment to be too onerous.
To date I’ve been lucky to escape the worse consequences of some of the potentially serious conditions I have collected.
My diabetes is controlled by diet, my glaucoma by eye drops, and my tinnitus, while at times irritating and accompanied by some loss of hearing, I can generally forget. Long may it continue.
You can see the pain in my heel – itself intermittent and only a bother when walking longer distances – has prompted an evaluation of my general state of health. I’m not usually given to such episodes of introspection.
But it hasn’t stopped there. I’ve woken up to issue of mobility faced by others.
The blind man with a stick tapping his way along the pavement, the old woman in an electric wheelchair were not invisible to me before. But now there’s a little reminder in my left heel that I’m surrounded by examples of every day heroism. Triumph over adversity.
It’s made me value my own good fortune and those I love and resolve to be more considerate as I go about my day.

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