Thursday, 7 July 2011

News of the World closure - the big questions

1. How long will it be before the Murdochs think sufficient time has elapsed before they can launch a re-branded News of the World as The Sun on Sunday – or some similar title?
2. Will the newspaper's many millions of readers have the stomach to buy it?
3. What is the survival secret of Rebekah Brooks – current News International chief executive and NoW editor at the time murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s mobile phone was hacked by the newspaper (pictured above with Rupert Murdoch)?
4. Were top police officers at the Met ‘blackmailed’ by the newspaper to conduct only a superficial investigation into the phone-hacking scandal the first time round?
5. How extensive was the cash-for-information corruption of Met officers by the NoW in the past?
6. How quickly can those who have had their phones hacked by the NoW be compensated?
7. Can the Murdoch empire – a malign influence on British public life – be denied its ultimate goal, the 100 per cent ownership of BSkyB.
8. How can we prevent the leaders of all major UK political parties from continuing to brown-nose the Murdochs and their acolytes?
9. Why couldn’t Prime Minister David Cameron see the risks he took running with the Rebekah Brooks’ set and in appointing another former NoW editor Andy Coulson as his communications chief?
10. As for the closure of the News of the World itself how generous will be the redundancy packages for the current staff who are innocent of the phone hacking and bribery charges yet are to see their 168-year-old newspaper destroyed?


  1. The tipping point was Milly Dowler. That home video, constantly played on TV to the British public, of her ironing at home, was what did it. The hacking was done years ago; but it appeared to us all as if it were yesterday; because by coincidence, she and her murderer, Bellfield were very much in the public's mind; as he had very recently been convicted of the crime. Moreover, the Dowler family had suffered extensively in court at the hands of Bellfield's defence lawyers. [So basically, they suffered once, twice, thrice].
    Supernatural forces did a superb hatchet job on the NoW.

  2. In reply to your question number 7 [above], it is becoming increasingly clear that the potential Bsb/sky deal will not be a shoe in.


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