Thursday, 29 September 2011

Can you exorcise a catchy song haunting your brain?

I’m haunted by part of the chorus of Concrete and Clay, the 1965 international chart topper by English talented but sadly one-hit-wonders Unit 4 + 2.
I don’t remember being particularly enamoured by the record first time round all those years ago. But somehow, recently, it’s crept into my head and won’t let go.
In moments of concentration I find myself quietly singing “the concrete and the clay/Beneath my feet begins to crumble, but love will never die.”
It’s just part of the chorus of the song written by group members Tommy Moeller and Brian Parker – and I can’t get it out of my head complete with cow bells (see video below).
This is not the first time I’ve been snared by a snatch of song. Once it was just the phrase “Brown boots” in the voice of Stanley Holloway, a snippet of his classic monologue. Then there was “Drugs&Sex&Rock&Roll” as per Ian Dury; even just “Lay--la.”
I've stopped fighting it. Concrete and clay will remain embeded in my subconcious until something else comes along. As long as it's not "Come on Barbie, let's go party." Oh, no, too late.
“Extraordinary how potent cheap music is,” said Noel Coward.

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  1. Was that a mandolin they used in the original song or just a string guitar?


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