Monday, 19 September 2011

In poor taste - the Daily Mail despises women celebrities

The strength of the female readership of the Daily Mail never fails to amuse me because the newspaper doesn’t really seem to like women as a gender.
Every wrinkle, fashion mistake, and extra pound of fat is derided whenever the ‘culprit’ is a woman celebrity.
The online version of the newspaper positively salivates today with “Emmys worst dressed” and “Where did the curves go?”stories. “Worse for wear? Kerry Katona goes for scruffy look”; "Pixie Geldof where’s your sense of style gone?” “Can she really be only 25? Haggard Heidi Montag…”
Women celebs are too fat or too skinny; dowdy or mutton dressed as lamb; too miserable or too rowdy.
The only time they are given any credit is when they re-gain their figures after pregnancy, which, of course sends the wrong message to ordinary nursing mums who don’t have the advantage of personal trainers, nannies, and special diets.
Although many first rate women journalists have worked for the paper, it seems to frown on working women. Yet despite its anti-women bias more women read the Mail than men. There is only one explanation that makes any sense – women love to read this bitchy stuff and have done so for years.
It's no coincidence that women feature on the covers of both women and men’s interest magazines. Women love nothing more than to scrutinise other women preferably critically. No wonder no one calls them the fairer sex any more.

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  1. Probably the reason women read the mail is is because it has so many feature type articles.


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