Monday, 26 September 2011

Peak viewing - breasts and TV medical shows

I can imagine having markedly uneven sized breasts would be distressing for women. So it was particularly for Ms X in the health show my TV channel hopping settled on the other night.
Such medical programmes are staple television fodder these days. However Ms X’s description of her embarrassment in changing rooms etc was undermined by her keenness to strip off in front of the cameras at the TV doctor’s request.
There was indeed a couple of cup sizes difference. I can’t tell you what the solution was because I moved on – swiftly, as I will explain later.
On reflection I can see why Ms X might seek the skills of a plastic surgeon but why would she want to advertise the fact to family, friends, and work colleagues?
The prospect the TV production company would help fund the operation in return for filming rights is about the only explanation that would make sense to me. I wonder if this was so.
But what is it about breast size that brings out the exhibitionist in some women? The ones whose lives would be made perfect either by enhancement or reduction; their angst could warrant its own TV station. Channel DD, perhaps?
There is no erotic bonus for male viewers (this one, at least) in their obsession. The breasts big or small, so shameful to their owners, invariably look fine, even beautiful in the buff, but are soon subject to the plastic surgeon’s marking pen and scalpel.
Whether popping silicone pouches into bloody slits or else syphoning out unwanted fat…as for re-positioning nipples, I swear, once seen never watched again.


  1. Well GC. If that gory spectacle freaks you out, try this one for size, so to speak. I once had to see a doctor in Harley Street about another matter and to my surprise he suggested penis enlargement. I think actually it may even have been testicle[s] enlargement! At least he had the balls to tell me!

  2. I guess that because breast enhancement/enlargement has become so commonplace for beauty reasons, that the woman you mention was expecting great results and so advertised to friends and family. Conversely, they may have been giving her hard time about her breasts beforehand . You never know.


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