Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Of EuroMillionaire Dave's HATE tattoo

I have no rational explanation for my prejudice against the owners of visible tattoos. That is tattoos that would normally only be exposed on a beach – or, if you’re a woman, visible when wearing clothes suited to a night out.
It’s different if you’re David Beckham or in showbiz but if you’re in, say, my queue at the supermarket I will interpret the tattoo on your hand as saying “I don’t want a proper job and a decent career.”
If you have a tattoo on your face that says to me you don’t want a proper job and a decent career, ever.
This is totally illogical on my part. I can’t recall ever having any problems with anyone bearing a visible tattoo. That said I still wouldn’t have any confidence in a doctor who had NHS4/EVER tattooed across his – or her – knuckles.
Peaches Geldof regrets hers; Megan Fox is losing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. So I should allow people who, regretting their youthful indiscretions, don’t have the same opportunity to erase their body art should they choose.
I had to face my hostility towards visible tattoos on reading how Dave and Angela Dawes (pictured above) had scooped the £101 million jackpot in last Friday’s EuroMillions draw.
Mr Dawes has HATE tattooed across one fist; the pictures aren’t clear but I assume it’s LOVE he has inked across the other.
But for the tattoo I would have envied their luck and left it at that. But instead my first thought was what sort of dirt the Press will dig up from their previous relationships and general background.
Sincerely I hope my antipathy towards visible tattoos proves ill-founded and the Dawes are revealed as the perfectly decent couple they seem to be. People who will be as good as their word and share some of their fortune with family, friends, and children’s charities.
And while they’re at it could I please have my £2 back; I was one of Friday’s losers.


  1. I also once worked in the same firm with a man [who worked in the warehouse] who had a 'love' and 'hate' tattoo on each respective knuckle. After he left the firm I read that a man with that genre of tattoo on his knuckles had been arrested for a murder. You never know.

  2. I suppose one could get a job advertising one's local tattooist if one was prepared to tattoo his/her business name and address on one's face.


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