Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Unequal Britain - the £265k garage and the dole queue

You know the world’s gone mad when you see a bog standard garage go up for sale at more than a quarter of a million quid. No more than 15 minutes walk from where I live someone is looking for £265,000 from the sale of theirs.
The location is in Belsize Village – arguably the best part of Belsize Park, a generally prosperous area of north-west London. But the 18’ x 8’ garage itself, as the picture above shows, is nothing special.
I’ve no idea if the vendor will get his or her price but the estate agent handling the deal thinks it is worth a try.
There are several issues about modern living to be deduced from the prospect of trying to sell a garage at a price that should secure a good sized house in a lot of areas of the country.
Firstly, reports of an approaching financial Armageddon are exaggerated. There are still very rich people out there who might be prepared to pay a small fortune for the opportunity to house their car.
Next up these same very rich people have learnt it isn’t wise to park their expensive motor cars in the street outside their garage-less homes.
Over the years my own ancient Ford Sierra has been the subject of both attempted theft and vandalism. It is safe to assume that luxury cars are targets for the same fate – many times over.
Finally, the sale of a garage anywhere close to £265,000 underlines just how unequal a society Britain remains in the 21st century.
I’ll refrain from using the word obscene – its power to register outrage has been exhausted by overuse. I’ll just say that on a day when there have been some desperately bad unemployment figures – not least those related to the jobless young – it was nausea-inducing to read about the astronomically priced garage.

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  1. Ah ! Why ! it's allegedly Foxtons Estate Agency advertising the garage. That allegedly explains it all. By the way is it the blue garage or tha white one?


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