Friday, 21 October 2011

What's your earliest memory?

Scanning the headlines seeking inspiration for today’s post, my brain has recoiled at the blood and mayhem that is dominating the news around the world. I rarely escape to cute mode so forgive this indulgence; it won't become a habit. But I am much taken with the video of these cot-bound twins.
It puts me in mind of what I think is my earliest memory.

I don’t have very good recall, for which most of the time I’m thankful. I don’t store away bad experiences, at least, consciously.
But my poor memory made it impossible to learn a play script or put together a stand-up comedy routine if I ever had a mind to tread the boards.
I digress. And my earliest memory? I think it’s a cot – I assume mine - with a broken removable bar. I hope I had the same sense of adventure as the toddler in the video.
What’s your earliest memory?


  1. My earliest memory is sitting in a high chair eating weetbix, i am aware of music behind me, it comes from the radio.
    My next memory is being on the floor staring at the brilliance of the sun streaming through the open front door, i am crawling towards the warmth of the sun, when suddenly i am picked up and placed in my cot in the front room?
    Some people have memories of being born? I do not.

  2. Merlene,
    Thank you for sharing these delightful memories. GC


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