Monday, 14 November 2011

Fun and the Games - a Londoner's view of the 2012 Olympics

I’m starting to regret London won the bid to stage the 2012 Olympics. It wouldn’t matter quite so much if I’d been successful in applying for tickets. But I got zilch.
So all I have to look forward to this summer are the crowds, the traffic disruption and now it would seem a possible terrorist threat, remote though it is.
So deprived of the pleasure of actually going to an event, I’ll be watching the Games on television with the rest of the world. It’s not as though I live in the east of the city, which will benefit from the legacy of the Olympics.
It might be the ideal time to take a holiday and watch the events in a beach bar somewhere in the Med.
I hope Great Britain gets a respectable haul of medals. The way our economy is shaping spirits will be in sore need of a morale booster come the Games.
But from the viewpoint of a foreign visitor who has got Olympic tickets, I would be already hopping up and down in anticipation.
You’ll have the joy of watching the world’s finest sportsmen and women compete. The rest of the time even if you don’t venture outside the capital, you won’t want for diversion.
London’s got it all. History, culture, pageantry, shopping, multi-cultural cuisine, a vibrant nightlife, theatres, cinemas, clubs, bars, pubs. You might find Londoners like me a little grumpy but we will be proud if the 2012 Games are a resounding success. I still think the logo sucks.

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