Monday, 12 December 2011

No contest - Marilyn Monroe v. Lindsay Lohan in the buff

Lindsay Lohan, the celebrity gossip magnet was ill-advised to shed her clothes for a Marilyn Monroe-inspired Playboy spread. The pictures leaked on to the internet forcing their early release by the magazine.
Some sorts of parallels between the women’s troubled histories were drawn but all that was achieved was to again underline that Monroe remains in a league of her own nearly 50 years after her death.
Playboy tried to plug the leak but you may still be able to find the Lohan shoot on Google - or else the superior session with Monroe's favourite snapper Bert Stern for New York Magazine in 2008.
If it's been taken down think any busty airbrushed girl in a wig completely lacking the fun and sensuality of the original iconic picture.
Monroe’s nude picture (see above) was reproduced in the 1953 launch edition of Playboy magazine having been first published in a pinup calendar several years before.
Monroe is one Hollywood legend that never fails to live up to her billing. Her death at just 36 does invite lachrymose Candle in the Wind analysis but each new generation of film goers cannot fail to recognise that Monroe was indeed unique.
Billy Wilder, the director of her greatest movie Some Like It Hot, was driven to distraction by Monroe’s unreliability during the making of the film. But later he acknowledged the woman’s “certain indefinable magic.”
Michelle Williams deserves an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Monroe in My Week With Marilyn. She catches the star’s dangerous combination of fragility and cunning, neediness and raw sex appeal.
But it would be asking the impossible to expect Williams to reproduce what made Monroe the immortal star she is. The luminous quality that forces you to watch her regardless of whatever else is happening on the screen.
Lohan is said to have collected $1 million – not bad for a woman who is no stranger to getting her kit off. The money should go a long way to paying off any outstanding legal bills given her regular court appearances.
But when she does get back to movie-making she has set the bar impossibly high for herself by invoking the memory of Marilyn Monroe.

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  1. Marilyn Monroe was the 'special one'.


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