Monday, 19 December 2011

Sex and the Krankies - Fan Dabi not so Dozi

Of all people the Krankies have been reminiscing about their colourful sexual past – enjoying marathon sessions, al fresco sex, and the swinging scene of thirty years ago.
They were confessing all on BBC Radio Scotland at the weekend to drum up publicity for their winter season pantomime in Glasgow.
The Krankies – Scots-born Ian Tough and wife Janette were at the height of their children’s television fame in the 1970s and 1980s.
She would dress as naughty schoolboy Wee Jimmy and Ian played his/her father.
It seemed pretty weird even back then and has been a byword for tackiness ever since - always allowing they were a children’s act (catchphrase Fan Dabi Dozi) and kids loved them.
In showbiz terms theirs must be one of the longest lasting marriages – they wed at 18 and now 61 have been together 43 years.

Their conjugal harmony illustrates just what a waste of money marital advice books are. All bets are off; the Krankies have turned out to be happy swingers.
You can never tell what goes on in other people’s bedrooms – or in the Krankies case their boat, golf courses, and the Status Quo touring caravan.
No two couples are the same; what works for some won’t for others; the hottest people can have miserable love lives and vice versa. There are no right answers in the quality v quantity debate, it’s just what works.
Sadly sometimes it just doesn’t – and even then couples decide to hang on too short –or too long. Many settle for companionship when the sex has gone.

The only other observation that occurs to me is that the Krankies only gave up their high jinx when they became worried jealous lovers might kiss-and-tell the newspapers.
In today’s climate, red-top exposure would have been a certainty. It would have destroyed their careers as family entertainers and a generation of children would have been the poorer.

The public interest case the tabloids would likely make then and now is that the Krankies were leading a hypocritical double life; I’m not so sure.

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