Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Strange bedfellows - the French Left hate Brussels accord as much as David Cameron

David Cameron isn’t the only one categorically opposed to the recent Brussels summit treaty, which saw every EU member apart from Britain agree on closer financial restraints such as the enforced capping of budget deficits.
According to the latest opinion polls, if he stands again Nicolas Sarkozy will get his derriere kicked by his socialist opponent in next May’s final round of the French presidential elections.
Francois Hollande has gone on record saying he will aim to renegotiate the treaty if elected.
In a RTL radio interview he said (Ed Miliband, please note) the agreement dooms Europe to years of austerity budgets and reductions in social services.
The European Central Bank should have been obliged to take action to relieve the crisis rather than continue standing on the sidelines, he told listeners.
Hollande added steps should be taken to stimulate growth rather than cut budgets. None of this would play well with Germany’s Angela Merkel and may not be deliverable even if Sarkozy is ousted.
Although he is the personification of Gallic confidence, Sarkozy has it all to do to remain in office.
The Brussels accord put him centre stage and he must hope his role as international statesman played well to the electorate back home. But rather than winning plaudits Sarkozy has been criticised for being in Merkel's pocket.
It would be ironic if the French socialists remove right-wing Cameron’s bĂȘte noire.

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