Friday, 27 January 2012

Ali G's Newt Gingrich interview is a classic

Revisiting Ali G’s interview with Newt Gingrich* of a while back remains a hoot and deserves more airplay.
Sacha Baron Cohen’s creation of the ignorant faux-streetwise leader of the West Staines Massive opens the interrogation of the right-wing politician by first painstakingly establishing the spelling of his name.
Gingrich is currently campaigning for the Republican nomination to run against Barack Obama in the US Presidential election later this year.
He keeps his composure throughout managing to dodge Cohen’s more NSFW questions and comes out of the encounter more or less unscathed.
It’s a pity Ali G’s not around to test today’s crop of British politicians.
*Treat yourself and watch Ali G's interview with David and Victoria Beckham, the first and only time Posh Spice has been caught laughing on camera.

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