Tuesday, 24 January 2012

GC is seduced by the drama of Karissa Shannon's trousers

I watched an episode of the current Celebrity Big Brother on Richard Desmond’s Channel 5 for the first time last night.
I must have picked up from the internet that a particularly explosive hour of high drama was in prospect.
As it turned out Loose Women presenter Denise Welch pulled down the trousers of Playboy model Karissa Shannon; cue hysterics.
This morning I was surprised at the space the Daily Mail website devoted to this non-story, especially given Desmond also owns the Daily Express and is a sworn enemy of the newspaper.
But then I saw more than 500 readers had commented on the storm in a DD-cup.
I have to acknowledge a lot of people are interested in this reality stuff and MailOnline isn’t going to let a feud between newspaper proprietors filter its story selection.
Karissa Shannon’s modesty would seem a recent arrival for the former Playmate of the Month. While still a teenager, she took up residence (with her twin Kristina) as the ancient Hugh Hefner's girlfriend at the Playboy Mansion - and last year admitted she featured in stolen sex tapes.
Karissa and Kristina, who is also in the Big Brother house, were put on probation after a fracas at a house party in 2007.
None of this excuses Welch’s action…Oops this trivia tittle-tattle is a slippery slope; I wish I was as certain where I stood on the Coalition’s efforts to impose a £26,000 a year benefits’ cap.

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