Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Thierry Henry's no angel - but his goal was heavenly

You’d have to be the meanest spirited non-Gooner not to have relished Thierry Henry’s comeback winner against Leeds United at the Emirates last night.
The Frenchman’s brilliantly taken goal did more than illuminate an otherwise lacklustre Arsenal performance in the absence of Robin van Persie.
Every football fan should welcome Henry’s magical strike as a much needed reminder why their sport is called the ‘beautiful game.’
Football has only itself to blame for being in the doghouse.
Its practitioners are too rarely blessed with minds as clever as their feet. If soccer stars can’t keep in their pants, they should endeavour to keep it out of the headlines.
They are paid too much for their own good. But then the game is subservient to money from ticket prices to transfer fees; from kick-off times to managers’ longevity. Money rules. Football is one area that austerity hasn’t visited.
Then there’s the plain nasty. Racism and general obscenity flourish probably more on terraces than pitches.
Diving and holding are endemic. Football remains one sport where modern technology is not utilised in the interests of fair play. Consequently referees and linesmen often make literally game-changing howlers.
With Euro 2012 on the horizon, it will be enough if coach Fabio Capello is deemed to have earned his massive salary by getting England into the knockout stages.
Unfortunately our star players have a habit of failing to shine as brightly for the national side as their own teams.
Enough. Along came Thierry Henry – admittedly no angel himself – last night to illustrate why football has such a hold on its followers.

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