Thursday, 2 February 2012

GC is reminded why he misses The Sunday Times

“Actually, the most fascinating place on the internet is the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,” Bryan Appleyard wrote in a book review last weekend in the Culture section of The Sunday Times.
As he was challenging an assertion in a book to which he gave a lukewarm review, it wouldn't rate a link in this post even if there were free online access.
What I enjoyed was Appleyard’s throwaway erudition and was immediately prompted to go to the site of which I was ignorant such is my admiration for his breadth of knowledge and the clarity of his writing. I'll get back to you whether I think he's right.
I have given up buying the Sunday Times in protest at its parent’s News International’s ownership of the News of the World, the centre of the phone hacking scandal. This remains the case even though the NoW was closed.
This remains a wrench. The Culture section alone is almost worth the £2-20 cover price. Its regular writers of which Appleyard is a leading example are among the best in the business.
The closest I’ve come to replacing the newspaper is Saturday’s edition of The Guardian – an intelligent TV guide to the week ahead being a ‘must’.
Having failed to buy that paper I was obliged to return to the Sunday Times the next day because none of the other Sundays does the job. That’s for one day only, I think.

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