Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Keira Knightley's GQ cover shoot does her no favours

Keira Knightley’s “saucy GQ shoot” catches none of her natural beauty. The selection of pictures released to promote tomorrow’s publication of the March edition of the men’s magazine supports her detractors who rate her a pouty, bag of bones with middling acting skills.
Taking the last criticism first - in the right film (Pride and Prejudice, Last Night) is she excellent. For the rest she is never less than competent.
As for the GQ shoot timed to coincide with the UK release of her movie A Dangerous Method, there is a degree of albeit forgivable hypocrisy on her part.
Knightley lounges around in skimpy attire in a men’s magazine at the same insisting on the artistic integrity of the movie’s nudity and spanking episodes.
By now you must know she plays the real-life Sabina Spielrein, the masochistic patient of Carl Jung. Of course it’s journalists who raise the subject of these scenes; but Knightley relishes giving the answers in the knowledge notoriety is good for box office receipts.
Returning to the subject of the GQ pictures, I won’t mention the photographer’s name – he may well have been working to the magazine’s brief of trying to produce the sexiest pix possible within the limits imposed by Knightley.
He failed. As she is famously flat chested and narrow hipped, it’s never going to work presenting Knightley as a vamp let loose on the cosmetics counter.
Her vital asset is her face. It works for Knightley (or rather me) on the glossy pages as much as the screen.
Marc Hom captures the essence in the picture below of what might be called Knightley’s sensuality and sensibility.

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