Friday, 30 March 2012

George Galloway 1 Westminster Village lost

The Westminster village - both politicians and political hacks - is so out of touch with the concerns of the electorate that no one spotted the threat posed by George Galloway to Labour's supposedly safe seat in Bradford West.
Although the people of Tower Hamlets had little to show from Galloway's term as their MP, he was declared winner by a landslide in Bradford early this morning.
Galloway is a one-off; a powerful orator, anti-establishment and particularly anti-war. I find his addiction to the spotlight - whether cosing up to dictators or imitating a purring cat on Celebrity Big Brother - beyond the pale.
But if he has given a voice to disaffected Asian youth in Bradford through the ballot box, it is only good their protest finds a democratic outlet.
Meanwhile, Ed Miliband must be spitting blood his team at Labour HQ congratulated itself on getting him pictured eating a sausage roll in a Greggs while taking its eye off the Bradford ball.
Ken Livingstone must hope he can tap into much the same disillusionment that benefited Galloway especially among London's Muslim population in the forthcoming mayoral election for the capital.

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