Friday, 6 April 2012

After cigarettes - ban nut brittle displays

The public display of cigarettes was banned in English supermarkets and large shops from this morning. I doubt if it will have much impact on smokers.
I gave up smoking more than 30 years ago - medical evidence about the damage caused by cigarettes was already conclusive.
If the health threat and expense doesn't deter today's smokers keeping packs out of sight isn't likely to have much effect.
It might even add to the glamour of smoking among impressionable youngsters.
If the Government really wants to help me nut brittle should be sold below-the-counter; perhaps even put on prescription.
I haven't eaten my childhood favourite - a combination of peanuts, corn syrup, and more E's than Sleepeze - since my dentist went private.
Where other appetites have dulled, nut brittle's temptation hasn't passed; I remain an addict.
It doesn't help that bars congregate around store tills. But I daren't challenge my world weary teeth with tackling even a splinter of nut brittle. It would be safer to chomp hardboard.
Throw in the damage to my cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight control and I would do better to take up smoking again.

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