Saturday, 14 April 2012

April with its showers sweet - or pulling the plug

Today my old bones cried out for a hot bath but my new home has only a shower cabinet. It's the first time I've missed having a bath (noun and verb) in my bathroom since I moved at the end of February.
Baths are time consuming and waste water but there's no better place to relax and let the mind wander as tight muscles unwind. In the shower there's no nodding off. Efficiency is all.
I've nearly mastered getting the water temperature just so, pointing the shower head in the right direction, and how to avoid slipping.
I still can't get the hang of getting the shower gel to stay on my body long enough to wash. Problems, problems.
Having to shower has probably saved 20 minutes on my day. I calculate that adds up to an extra five days a year.
This at least I'm spending wisely; I get up 30 minutes later.

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