Thursday, 5 April 2012

Brian Sewell v Damien Hirst - or to kill a butterfly

I'm looking forward to my visit next Wednesday evening to the private view of Damien Hirst's new show courtesy of my Tate Modern membership.
In today's London Evening Standard art critic Brian Sewell condemns the exhibition as "shiny shit."
Having seen quite a bit of Hirst's work - including the pieces he assembled for his Sotheby's auction a while ago - I expect to come to the same conclusion.
But unlike Sewell, I would rather smile than frown. I feel the well-polished turd is not always to be sniffed.
Indeed I would rather see the Emperor's new clothes every time rather than his shrivelled crown jewels.
But I do have serious reservations about Hirst's use of live butterflies.
 "Even before the exhibition opened these creatures were fluttering exhausted on the gallery floor, denied anything that resembles their natural habitat," writes Sewell.
He asks, reasonably, for a response from the RSPCA and concludes: "All who care for living things should boycott this exhibition."
I'll make up my own mind on Wednesday.


  1. I whole heartedly agree with you - what fabulous words !
    Plus - I have only just seen your comments on my degree show last year - thanks ! Biddy Hodgkinson

  2. Dear Biddy,
    Thank you for your kind words. I remember being particularly impressed by your work. Please add me to your address book for future shows at

    1. what a shame I didn't see this earlier - as I had my first show on cork st last week& would've loved you to come and see. I feel shattered at the moment however - it was well worth the effort ! Have just agreed to send body of work to fabulous restaurant in Swiss Cottage/Hampstead "Bradleys" -itll be up end of next week - will keep in touch and try to follow your blog! (Im not very computer-friendly/confident)


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