Friday, 20 April 2012

David Cameron's stand-up routine is comic

I'm all in favour of educating children with a sense of self-discipline but David Cameron misses the point if he thinks Pavlovian responses are the same thing.
In this Daily Telegraph account he welcomes a return to the days when “Children...stand up when their parents or teacher walks in the room."
It's a long time ago now but I was lucky if my children looked up let alone stood up when I came home; and they've grown up to be responsible adults.
Fifty years ago at grammar school we stood up for teachers entering the classroom. The gesture made little difference to us in deciding who deserved our respect and who, behind their backs, our ridicule.
The authority bestowed by their office, however, was exploited by a small number who used their gowns almost as a cloak behind which to carry on their sadistic tendencies. The Prime Minister must wish he was educated in North Korea where everyone stands in honour of the Glorious Leader, whether he's alive or dead.
Perhaps not. Cameron enjoyed, no, received the best private education money can buy. But it came at a cost. Where he had nannies and housemasters, we had parents. His first crush, if it wasn't another boy was probably Nurse. It leaves its mark.
This is why we'll never all be in it together and why Cameron will always be out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.
It does not automatically make him unsuitable for high office. But it should make him wary when he tells us how to live. Look where advising the hungry to eat cake got Marie Antoinette.


  1. The last time I left it out I got into trouble. What your editor no doubt also said to you was 'Don't break the law, everytime, just to get a story'.

    1. It reminds me of ex pm Major's sojourn into nostalgia. You remember all that jazz about family values, cream teas and cricket on the lawn. His advisor, Steve Hilton, must believe that someone out there is listening. Oh no, of course, Hilton has left. Oh I see, Cameron is using Major's old speech writer. I will give Cameron this though; he does read aloud well.


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