Sunday, 15 April 2012

Is Cameron's Government more incompetent than most?

Is our Government more incompetent than most or does it just seem so?
To add to a succession of policy U-turns, we'll soon see the Coalition backtracking on both the cap on charitable giving by philanthropists and the so-called 'conservatory tax' which bumps up the cost of home improvements.
I can forgive politicians most things* - fiddling their expenses and reneging on manifesto commitments; but only so long as they are good at their job.
This current lot - just like the Labour mob before them - can't hack it. Why?
It may just seem so and every Government - like politicians' careers - are doomed to end in failure. It may be that Coalition government just makes its operations more transparent and easier to see the cracks.
Having to arrive at Coalition consensus seems to have led to half-thought out policies prematurely given an airing.
The central question is has the calibre of MPs deteriorated?

Certainly the enthusiasm for youth carries a cost - lack of experience of the world at large. Once constituencies of all political persuasions sought their MPs among those who had climbed the ladder of success - be it in business, the professions, and trade unions.
Now their London HQs demand they adopt youthful, telegenic candidates, who headed for Westminster almost straight from university.
The problem is - and I see no obvious solution - that truly gifted individuals reject the world of politics leaving the way clear for second-raters.
If the relatively poor money doesn't put them off then the intrusion into their private life does.
The genie can't be put back in the bottle. Blame the media if you like but having been caught with their hand in the till, MPs are going to be subject to ever closer scrutiny.
The answer say the neo-cons is small government; let taxpayers' self-interest reign at a local level. The trouble is the weak don't vote and in a civilised society central government should make provision for the underprivileged.
*(except, of course, Tony Blair taking Britain to war in Iraq on a false prospectus).

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