Sunday, 1 April 2012

It's time David Walliams gave camp a rest

I don't get why David Walliams still feels the need to camp it up as he did on  the Jonathan Ross Show recently when Simon Cowell was the target of his gay innuendo.
On his Twitter page today he jokes: "I agree, there wasn't enough campness from me towards Simon (on BGT) last night. I will have to redress that in the live shows!" Why?
It would spoil his contribution to Britain's Got Talent, which since his arrival is the best talent (and family) show on television.
Walliams gives generously of his time and effort to charity especially with his swimming marathons and appears to be a genuinely all-round good guy.
Camp was at the heart of much of his comedy with Matt Lucas but whatever his sexuality past or present, Walliams is now married to model Lara Stone.
It may be Walliams's default mode - when a quick laugh is called for mince, gurn effeminately. It's too easy. I wonder how gay men respond to his humour.
Kenneth Williams and Larry Grayson were more dangerous - unlike Walliams they had both feet in one camp, so to speak.
So David give it a rest. You're smart enough to find new material.

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