Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mirror, mirror lie to me about the passing of the years

Chevy now
I confess to blatant ageism. When I meet someone of around my own age, who I haven't seen for a long time - man or woman, I'm invariably shocked by how badly they've worn.
Of course I don't say so - I'm more likely to lie about how great  they look.
In my mirror, on the other hand, I can't see much evidence of the passing of the years.
The reason is simple and brought home to me with the Chevy Chase story which hit the showbiz gossip websites this week.

Chevy then
I don't possess the secret of eternal youth. It's just that the wrinkles, sagging skin, and receding hairline advance so slowly as not to be noticeable. 
The details of the surfacing of Chase's criticism of his NBC show Community is immaterial. It was the current photos of the comedian and film actor that hit home.
I had lost sight of Chase since his 1980s heyday. Back then I won't say I had a man-crush but he struck me as having an enviable combination of humour and good looks that women must find irresistible. Imagine David Duchovny rather than Hugh Grant.
Then Chase slipped off my radar until this week. Oh, dear he looks his 68, as I must do my 67 years.
I must look as decrepit at reunions as others do to me.

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  1. I take it that Chevy is not happy about the way his show is being edited. Take heed Ricky Gervais. Maintain editorial control or you will be old and washed up well before Chevy was. And Chevy went early. Several years before you spotted it, GC.


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