Monday, 16 April 2012

Movie moans - GC complains about the disparity of London cinema pricing

One of my biggest beefs as a cinema fan is the disparity of seat prices in London.
 The Swiss Cottage Odeon was charging £16 for what it calls a club seat to see the Norwegian movie Headhunters yesterday.
Fortunately I'd checked out comparative prices online.
About a mile away in Camden Town, the same cinema chain charged us £10.65 for admittedly a rather scruffy seat.
Neither compared favourably with The Coronet, Notting Hill, which would have welcomed us at £7.50 a seat.
The above are the 'adult' tariff paid by my companion. I expect to pay a few quid less because, rather condescendingly, I don't rate as an 'adult' any more but as a 'senior'.
I don't complain because the seats are cheaper. But if I'm no longer an 'adult' for movie purposes, I think cinema chains should rise to the challenge and provide us 'seniors' with waterproof seats and room to park our teeth.
Back to the film, an 8 out of 10 by my reckoning. It's more very black comedy than the thriller it's being marketed as; helped or hindered by the central character played by Aksel Hennie being a dead spit for Rik Mayall's younger brother.

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