Thursday, 26 April 2012

Scrap self-service checkouts - the shoplifter's friend

Self-service checkouts at supermarkets don't bother me because I refuse to use them.
No, I was once shown 'the ropes' by an assistant when purchasing a single item and quickly saw that a full basket would cause me too much aggravation.
In any case why should I get in a sweat just to boost stores' profits, while, at the same time, depriving checkout people of jobs.
Do-it-yourself checkouts are supposed to be quicker - which I doubt given the lengths of queues I've seen build up - but they are nowhere near as convenient as traditional ones. And convenience is the name of the game.
A survey of shoppers by the WatchMyWallet consumer website has found 30 per cent of those using self-service tills cheat in a variety of ways where they wouldn't at a manned checkout. Almost as many said they would but were afraid of getting caught.
The supermarkets have just been forced to put their cigarettes out of sight so as not to tempt shoppers yet are turning the population into a nation of shoplifters by making it too easy to steal other products.
So scrap self-service checkouts and use the savings from reduced pilfering and security surveillance to spend on more staff for manned tills.

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  1. I think we need robots to do our shopping for us and pay at the unmanned tills.


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