Monday, 23 April 2012

Some nipples are better than others at MailOnline

Some twisted editorial thinking - OK, it's not the first time - is at large at MailOnline. The other day it ran a story about an Oreo cookie ad showing a cute baby breastfeeding, which though never intended to be made public had gone viral on the internet.
Despite all the campaigns to encourage breastfeeding the website thought it had better protect sensitive readers and pixelated the offending nipple, as below.

But today it has no qualms about displaying a sexy, nude picture of Madonna from 1990 on the basis the photograph is coming up for auction.


  1. The woman with the baby has 'better' breasts than Madonna.

  2. The baby's cute.

  3. EWWWWWWE! That's not even the baby's mother!!! A baby of that age (5 mos or so), that seemingly knows how to latch on, would have created a completely different look in the breasts after feeding for 5 months!

    People are SO stupid!


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