Sunday, 22 April 2012

Surprise yourself and take Proust's Questionnaire

Marcel Proust
Rummaging through my desk this morning I came across a six-year-old magazine cutting. I had filled in a personal survey headed The Proust Questionnaire.
I can't remember if at the time the Marcel Proust connection had registered with me, as it is explained here in Wikipedia.
I must have answered the survey at speed, because I know if I had given time to my answers the responses would have been less revealing.
Link here for Vanity Fair's list of the full questions. If you decide to print it out and complete it - do so swiftly and you might be surprised at the person it reveals.
Here is a sample of my replies that still gives me cause for thought.
Your favourite virtue...Kindness
Your favourite qualities in a man...Honesty
Your favourite qualities in a woman...Humour
Your biggest flaw...Solitariness
Your favourite occupation...Dining with my children
Your chief characteristic...Seriousness
Your idea of happiness...Dancing with a beautiful woman
Your idea of misery...Illness
Your favourite heroes in real life...Firemen
Your favourite heroines in real life...Nurses
Your favourite heroes in fiction...Sherlock Holmes
Your favourite heroines in fiction...Becky Sharp
Your pet aversion...Noise
What is your present state of mind?...Unsettled
For what fault have you the most toleration?...Failure
Your favourite motto...Ripeness is all
How would you like to die?...Suddenly

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  1. GC. In terms of interest, this piece, plus your replies to the survey, score very highly. Proust was a very serious guy; so to lighten things up a little my answer to "your pet aversion" would be.... 'Fido!'.


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