Saturday, 21 April 2012

Today's menu - a veggie curry and a Wellcome visit

Drummond Street's defenders
Usually I avoid £6-95 all you can eat buffet restaurants - except for the handful of vegetarian curry houses in Drummond Street, a stone's throw from London's Euston station.
To single one out would be unfair; perhaps it's the competition but each maintain a high standard, which puts ritzier establishments to shame.
You can eat a la carte or dine in the restaurants that cater for meat eaters. Drummond Street is home too for Asian sweets and spices shops.
For the time being that is; the future for Drummond Street is uncertain.
It may be swept away in the plans to build a high-speed rail link from Euston to Birmingham, as this story in the online edition of the excellent Camden New Journal explains.
Drummond Street is well-positioned for the British Library and the British Museum isn't too far away. But the reason I tucked into a brilliant value buffet this lunchtime was so I could drop in at the near-by Wellcome Collection.
To call it a medical museum does it a disservice. It describes itself little better as " a free destination for the incurably curious."
The ground floor is where you find special exhibitions - given you've avoided the temptations of the cafe and bookshop. Until June 17th it's staging Brains: The Mind as Matter; the purpose of my visit today.
The permanent exhibitions on the first floor are not to be missed. There's Medicine Man - the eclectic mix of curios collected by Henry Wellcome , who founded the medical company that bares his name.
From Napoleon's toothbrush, a Peruvian mummy to anti-masturbation rings and a chastity belt, Wellcome was happy to cross continents, cultures, and time in pursuit of the unusual.
Then there's the adjacent gallery Medicine Now, which "explores current medical topics such as obesity, genetics, and malaria through the eyes of scientists, artists, and patients."

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  1. What about the museum's section on 'curry tummy'?


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