Sunday, 8 April 2012

Why did Cheryl ever take Ashley's surname?

Cheryl Cole is reported to be dropping her married surname, as the former Girls Aloud singer severs her final tie with her footballer ex-husband Ashley.
I've never understood why any woman would want to take her husband's name on marriage - professionally that is.
This is allowing that her single name wasn't difficult to pronounce or spell compared to her husband's surname.

In her private life I can see why she might want to drop her family name - a signal to the world at large she had now bonded to her husband.
It makes life simpler legally and financially too.
But having worked hard to establish her name in her chosen career, I've always thought it strange that a newly married woman would want to go though the tedious process of educating the world to her new surname.
Having spent nearly 40 years in journalism there were many occasions when female colleagues got married. There was no way to anticipate those that would change byline names and those that didn't.
When asked I aways advised they keep their bylines, a journalist's most precious asset.
A second heart-searching happened on divorce. One woman I knew changed her byline back to its original, while another maintained her married name.
None had Cheryl's opportunity to proceed with their careers by their first name alone.
Woman who wish to keep their single names when married in private life is a separate issue. But I see no problem with that either except to point out that they are retaining their father's surname rather than their husband's.

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