Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Coalition's pasty-tax U-turn invites more than ridicule

The Government's pasty-tax U-turn - George Osborne's Budget has taken the Coalition's record of policy retreats to a whole new level - is receiving much deserved ridicule in the Square Mile, as the above chart reprinted from today's City A.M. financial newspaper illustrates.
Not so funny is the increasing loss of confidence in the Government's competence. Voters will not forgive those that imposed the pain of austerity but were clueless about how to restore the nation's fortunes.

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  1. The pasty tax is the one issue that the common man can easily get his teeth into, so to speak.["Would you like it warm or cold sir, or perhaps luke warm?"] This has been an appalling blunder by the government. In one foul swoop they have managed to alienate their own traditional working class voters.


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