Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dear old Union Jack, it's good to have you back

I'm delighted to see Union Jack flags and bunting making an appearance in my neighbourhood ahead of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations next weekend.
I know historically the flag is associated with Empire and the atrocities committed in its name but the Union Jack is the flag of my childhood.
For all its complexity (which way is up?) it looks like it was designed by a child - and I can remembering trying to draw it in crayon.
It's colourful - in the Sixties it was almost psychedelic.
When I grew older it was the flag that linked Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Oscar Wilde.
The simple, boring  red cross of St George was the province of little Englanders and worse.
I had always thought of myself British first, English a poor second.
Not any more.
The process of devolution which has seen the Scots seek separation and the Welsh their own language has forced the English to embrace the St George standard as the home nation's flag.
So I'm going to enjoy the return of the Union Jack for the next few months. Three cheers for the Queen and Team GB.

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