Saturday, 12 May 2012

Doing nothing for the Jubilee, no Olympic tickets, why don't I care?

I feel like I'm letting the side down. The Jubilee celebrations are just weeks away and the London Olympics is soon after. Yet I've got nothing planned, my diary empty.
I can't get to grips with which Jubilee events to attend and my attempts to get Olympics football tickets have flopped.
It didn't seem so  pathetic when the weather was miserable but today the sun is shining for the first time in what must be three weeks. If I'm worried at all it's that I've lost my capacity for boredom.
For me being bored has never been a cause for concern. Indeed I've always considered it a necessary prerequisite for action. But now I don't feel bored when I should. "That old rocking chair's gonna get me."
13/5/12 PS. Ignore the above. This morning I got some Wembley TEAM GB tickets and had a good pub lunch at The Mitre in Lancaster Gate followed by a family walk through Kensingston Gardens to the Serpentine Gallery. What could be nicer?

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