Friday, 4 May 2012

Hands up: the women who don't shave their armpits

Emer O'Toole on This Morning
Without having anything sensible to add to the already exhaustive debate in the wake of the council and London mayoral elections, I'm grateful for this diversion from the MailOnline website.
I was struck - as were readers whose comments totalled more than 500 at the last count - by the story of Dublin graduate student Emer O'Toole.
She featured on ITV's This Morning show today. O'Toole has created a stir owing her 15 minutes to the fact she hadn't shaved her armpits for the past 18 months.
It begs a half-dozen important questions - we should be told.
1. Why do women shave their pits?
2. Wouldn't men soon get used to the idea if women threw away their lady razors?
3. Do nuns shave their pits?
4. How about Julia Roberts these days?
5. Are there any classical paintings/statues where female subjects reveal armpit hair?
6. OK, Emer's forest is a bit rampant; but surely a neatly sculpted pit could be sexy?

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  1. Everything soft and smooth on a woman is 'the business'.


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