Wednesday, 9 May 2012

How do I break my Amazon addiction?

Shopping on Amazon is habit-forming. It's not that I'm buying more things but rather I'm going online more often to shop in preference to a trip to the high street.
Price and convenience compensate for the time it takes for the goods to arrive.
This month I've bought a Dimplex heater and camera accessories on Amazon. And today I ordered a travel book. I feel guilty. Not enough to stop but guilty all the same that I'm in thrall to this faceless behemoth.
I followed retailing for the business pages of several national newspapers. I covered the stock market flotation, for example, of Clinton Cards whose very future is now in the balance.
I found chains had many faults as they exploited their size but I came to appreciate their strengths too along with the rest of the retail industry.
Outside of the public sector they are the UK's biggest employers. As for their wares, whether its food or furniture, albeit in the pursuit of profit, they help raise the living standards of ordinary people.
I know the big boys are migrating to the internet themselves but it's a wonder that, say, any independent booksellers survive.

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  1. How do you break your amazon addiction ? Try a different kind of woman


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