Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Twitter takes flight where Facebook can only stroll

My tentative step opening a Facebook account a couple of years ago was an unmitigated disaster from the off.
It didn't provide any help in what proved to be a short lived attempt to get a new career in freelance journalism off the ground.
But worse, I found a number of 'friends' - let's say acquaintances but I did know them previously - turned out to be at heart boring, self-centred 'wankers' rather than the interesting people they seemed at a distance.
I had little expectation joining Twitter this month - maybe it was me who became the recently announced 10 millionth UK active user - would be any more inspiring.

The first goal for the @gcLDN account (grapefruitcrazyLONDON) was to promote this blog's daily posts.
I admit I have barely scrapped the surface of tweeting. But this article alone in The Guardian about how quickly companies respond to complaints on Twitter illustrates the new levels of communication opening with this social media phenomenon. John Prescott says he loves it because he can dispense with the press.

Facebook is great for keeping relos around the world up to date with the arrival of the latest sprog and other domestic delights.
But it strikes me a passive laptop sort of thing, whereas Twitter is an active in your face mobile phone deal, which is why it is party to spats and cock-ups. 
Twitter, however, is not just for inebriated ranters; it is a conversation between followers and the followed that could change the way we see the world. The 140 characters limit isn't a restraint but a springboard to links and pictures.
It will become increasingly manipulated by commercial interests and is already a magnet for the good, the mad and the bad, the honest and liars, friends and enemies. But as they used to say "all human life is there."

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