Friday, 11 May 2012

Why are same-sex marriages such a controversial issue?

Civil partners: Elton and David
Although not being a person of faith, I like to think I'm broad minded enough to appreciate both sides of an argument on religious issues.
My atheism leads me usually to favour the 'liberal' cause in a dispute if there is one - but I'm not didactic knowing how deep can be the beliefs of good people.
Whether it's abortion, married priests, women bishops, or halal and kosher slaughter of animals, I can see the pros and cons.
But I just can't understand why same-sex marriage is such a contentious issue - more so in the US especially now President Obama has backed gay marriage - but it's a hot potato on this side of the Atlantic too.
The gay scene in London is a parallel world to mine; it doesn't bother me so why should I worry about it?
It's not as though the introduction of civil partnerships in 2004 destroyed the fabric of British society.
Surely it's just a short step to same-sex marriages given that places of worship would be free to decide whether they wished to officiate such ceremonies.
The institution of marriage has survived ever easier divorce and the vogue for couples living together and I think would be strengthened by the compliment paid it by same sex partners who wished to declare their love in the same traditional fashion.
Homosexuality is a biblical sin but the taking of human life is forbidden in the Ten Commandmants yet believers are prepared to make exceptions.

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