Sunday, 3 June 2012

The BBC wrecks Thames Diamond Jubilee coverage

My jingoism yesterday about no one doing ceremonial occasions better than the Brits proved a bit misplaced.
The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant was alright; the foul weather literally cast a long shadow over the day. It would have been nice to have watched the 'surprise' fly-past finale.
The bigger disappointment was the BBC's poor production of the event. Here, once again, the rain proved a dampener but they weren't reporting under fire. It's London where there's always a chance it's going to rain.
The celebration wasn't thought through properly. Stephen Fry found the Beeb's coverage "deeply embarrassing" - other critical tweets can be found at #bbcjubilee.
Here was a flotilla of 1,000 vessels but apparently there was hardly a story to be told among them. Camera crews should have been in speed boats giving viewers a flavour of being on the Thames yesterday. I've seen more interesting coverage of marathon races.
What we got were constant cutaways from the river to either the grinning, vacuous Matt and Sophie in the studio or else other pointless often cheesy, visits onshore.
Often the sound didn't match the visuals. There was no sense of the 1 million adoring subjects, who had turned out for Her Majesty in interviewing a handful of bedraggled spectators for a few seconds.
I tired of the times being told the Queen was enjoying herself - she doesn't do constant smiling.
It was enough the 86-year-old monarch and her even older husband stayed on their feet the whole time responding to the cheers of the crowds.
If I had my time over again I would have watched Sky.


  1. I agree totally! BBC should be ashamed

  2. I agree with the criticisms. The BBC has some explaining to do. The presenting style was utterly unsuitable, uninformed, and lacked any gravitas. The music being performed on board various ships was unheard and I had to wonder whether anyone at the Beeb really had the first idea what it was all about.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I hope the Duke of Edinburgh's hospital stay isn't linked to the rigours he faced yesterday. GC

  4. Yhe old cliche--watching it on bbc tv was like watching paint dry.

  5. Yes, but the bbc made up with it with their visual coverage of the superb monday evening jubilee concert at buckinham palace. Must have been a different production team.


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