Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fuel tax U-turn points to car crash economy

The Daily Telegraph has counted 32 Coalition Government U-turns. Correction: 33 after today's announcement scrapping August's 3p fuel duty hike.
This latest retreat seems to have caught out the Tory supporters, who were busily defending the increase including the Government's Whip's Office.
The scary part of this woolly approach to budget finance is that George Osborne thought fit to boast the postponement was a boon to families.
Perhaps the Chancellor would care to explain how our lives are enriched by the prospect of not paying extra tax?
Maybe he should have proposed making the increase 6p - and then when axing it we could thank him for twice the benefit.
David Cameron & Co are rattled. There's little chance the UK economy will rally by the next Genreal Election. Poll ratings show the public believe the Front Bench are out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.
Hence we get the weird sight of the Prime Minister promising to get tough* with young benefit claimants - a supposed vote winner among "hardworking families" - just as soon he's unshackled from the LibDems.
Let's assume, no, hope Osborne is not as smug as he looks. He must know that every U-turn undermines his authority internationally.
So either he is hopelessly out of his depth or else the country is in an even deeper mess than seems apparent - or worse still, both.
*Labour leader Ed Miliband is no better aiming to attract the same section of the electorate by claiming the Party now gets "immigration."

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