Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Gay marriage: the Church must recognise times change

Although now an atheist I continued to have a soft spot for the Church of England for many years. I went to a C. of E. primary school as did both of my children and I have nothing but praise for how we were taught - including religious instruction.
I  liked the kindly, all-embracing brand of Christianity to be found in the schools and their parish churches.
So it was difficult for me to understand in later years the dogged resistance to women holding high office in the Church.
Now it is downright impossible for me to sympathise with the ferocious opposition by Anglican conservatives to the Government's plan to legalise same-sex marriages.
No religious authority would be obliged to undertake such weddings against its will; most would take place in civil ceremonies.
The die-hards argue the institution of marriage would fundamentally change with the same-sex nuptials that a wedge would be driven between the State and the C. of E.
A good thing too some will say. But, though an outsider, I don't see a case for disestablishment. Rather I hope the Church comes to see, whatever is written in canon law, times change.
Once brides as young as 12 could be married in church; we know better now.

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  1. What is the PM's real agenda on this matter ?


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