Wednesday, 13 June 2012

GC's curbed enthusiasm for Michael Frayn's Skios

I have now read Michael Frayn's farcical Skios - the subject of a recent GC post - and I'm prompted to add a postscript.
In Up the Amazon - or what's a bookloving pensioner to do? I worried at my own disloyalty to local bookshops by buying a copy of the novel half-price at £8 from Amazon.
Call me tight-fisted but I would now be feeling more guilty had I enjoyed the book - a hectic catalogue of mistaken identity - more.
In my book, the novel, an intricate weaving of switched suitcases, lost passports, national stereotyping, failing mobile phones, frustrated passion and a couple of laugh out loud moments, is still a good 7 out of 10.
I don't consider the read time wasted but I wondered at some of the superlative endorsements on the Skios dust jacket.
I checked on one of them. "Michael Frayn must have the subtlest mind ever applied to the writing of farce," wrote Michael Billington in The Guardian.
I found it attached to a review of the revival of Frayn's hit play Noises Off rather anything to do with Skios.
I'm too polite to point this out to the author when I attend his star turn at this year's Primrose Hill Lectures in a few weeks.

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