Thursday, 14 June 2012

I can't tell a lie - The Washington is the ideal local

I popped into The Washington pub, Englands Lane, Belsize Park for a quick pint this afternoon.
More than 40 years ago it was a scruffy boozer where student friends would play Clapton-inspired blues gigs once a week.
It's still a popular watering hole if a little shaky on geography claiming to be in Hampstead.
There's a full menu where once the bill of fare didn't run beyond crisps. Should you just want a sandwich they are of the focaccia and ciabatta variety. But its pretentious lapses are forgivable.
I know plenty of pubs, which would benefit from a fraction of The Washington's ambitions.
It's an ideal local; friendly and comfortable. Original features from its Victorian days abound. Prices are no steeper than rival establishments.
What pleases me most is the obvious care The Washington takes with its ales - well chosen and cared for. The pub's drinks menu is a mini-encyclopedia reflecting the attention to detail, which is the key to The Washington's success.


  1. Hope they give you a free drink for this.

  2. "Prices are no steeper than rival [type] establishments", but pretty steep all the same.


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