Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The one about six senior citizens, two double beds, and Las Vegas

I like the story of the three couples - senior citizens and friends since childhood - who regularly holiday together.
This year they decided to be more adventurous. Rather than their usual Spanish villa, they flew to Las Vegas.
Disappointingly after the long flight, when they got to their hotel they discovered a mistake over dates meant their three rooms were booked from the next day.
"I'm sorry," said the girl at the reception desk, "there are four conventions in town and all we have left for tonight are two double rooms. I could ring round but I expect everywhere will be full."
"Let's take the two rooms," said Bob's wife Gladys. "American beds are enormous; for one night we girls can squeeze up together - and the boys can do the same in their room."
And so it was decided. A quick shower and change of clothes and the six friends headed off into the night.
They dined and wined, gambled, took in a show, danced, and wined some more. Exhausted but ecstatic they arrived back at their hotel. The men and women went to their separate rooms.
As luck would have it Bob found himself in the middle of the bed sandwiched between his pals - and unable to sleep. "Are either of you blokes awake?" he whispered.
"Me," said Barry.
"Sorry, mate," said Bob, "I've got to climb over you and get dressed. I don't know what this town does to a person but I've got a hard-on you could cut glass. Things haven't been great in that department for years and I'll never forgive myself if I don't go and find Gladys."
"I'd better come with you," said Barry, "it's me you're holding."

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  1. Nice joke! OAPs like me need more saucy humour.


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