Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Up the Amazon - or what's a bookloving pensioner to do?

I'm happy, no, relieved to give a plug to the Charing Cross Road Festival on Saturday June 30th.
The Oxford Street end of the road is blighted by the Crossrail development and its bookshops, music stores, and other retail outlets are losing sales in the disruption.
The Charing Cross Road area is a microcosm of London's cultural strength sort of twixt Soho and Covent Garden and includes Denmark Street, our Tin Pan Alley.
For me it's primarily associated with books. I even had a short lived student job at Foyles bookshop, which I immortalised in my post Love on the picket line
I'm feeling particularly sensitive about bookshops - particularly local ones - just now. My daughter recommended I read Michael Frayn's latest Skios. But it's selling at £16 locally.
I want bookshops to flourish but Frayn's novel was half-price on Amazon, a saving too good to miss.
If only there had been a long delay but ordered last Saturday, the book arrived this morning despite the Jubilee holiday.
What's a bookloving pensioner to do?


  1. I have to tell you GC, that on the tube today, I sat next to a girl reding from a "Kindle". Superb, lightweight, and with great, sharp, easy to read [variable] print size on a small screen. As a booklover myself I was instantly won over. My own impression was that even at the £ 100 or so that it costs, it would definitely restore the joy of reading, particularly to those whose eyesight is failing with age etc.

  2. Anon, thank you for your comment. I'm sure one day I'll join the ranks of Kindle users for the reasons you give - but it will only add to my concern about the ever-spreading tentacles of Amazon. GC


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